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Anatomy & Physiology for Dummies - (For Dummies (Lifestyle)) 3rd Edition by Erin Odya & Maggie A Norris (Paperback)

Anatomy & Physiology for Dummies - (For Dummies (Lifestyle)) 3rd Edition by  Erin Odya & Maggie A Norris (Paperback)
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<p/><br></br><p><b> Book Synopsis </b></p></br></br><b>Learn about the human body from the inside out</b> <p>Some people think that knowing about what goes on inside the human body can sap life of its mystery--which is too bad for them. Anybody who's ever taken a peak under the hood knows that the human body, and all its various structures and functions, is a realm of awe-inspiring complexity and countless wonders. The dizzying dance of molecule, cell, tissue, organ, muscle, sinew, and bone that we call life can be a thing of breathtaking beauty and humbling perfection. <p><i>Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies</i> combines anatomical terminology and function so you'll learn not only names and terms but also gain an understanding of how the human body works. Whether you're a student, an aspiring medical, healthcare or fitness professional, or just someone who's curious about the human body and how it works, this book offers you a fun, easy way to get a handle on the basics of anatomy and physiology. <ul> <li>Understand the meaning of terms in anatomy and physiology</li> <li>Get to know the body's anatomical structures--from head to toe</li> <li>Explore the body's systems and how they interact to keep us alive</li> <li>Gain insight into how the structures and systems function in sickness and health</li> </ul> <p>Written in plain English and packed with beautiful illustrations, <i>Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies</i> is your guide to a fantastic voyage of the human body.<p/><br></br><p><b> From the Back Cover </b></p></br></br><ul> <li>Explore the body's inner workings</li> <li>Understand the body's structures and systems</li> <li>Grasp anatomical terminology</li> </ul> <p><b>Take a fantastic voyage through the human body</b> <p>Ready to find out what makes you tick? This book is a fun, easy way to get a handle on anatomy and physiology. It introduces you to the different cells, tissues, and organs of the human body--explaining what they do and how they work together. Whether you're a student, an aspiring MD, a fitness professional, or you're just curious about your body's parts and processes, this beautifully illustrated guide is a great place to start. <p><b>Inside...</b> <ul> <li>Scientific terminology made easy</li> <li>The anatomical structures and organization of the human body</li> <li>Bodily functions, from the senses to reproduction</li> <li>Components of the body's systems and how theyinteract</li> <li>How the body develops, repairs itself, and is affected by disease</li> </ul><p/><br></br><p><b> About the Author </b></p></br></br><p><b>Erin Odya </b>is an anatomy and physiology teacher at Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana, one of Indiana's top schools.</p><p><b>Maggie Norris</b> is a freelance science writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area.</p>

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