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Organisational Behaviour for Dummies - (For Dummies) by Cary Cooper & Sheena Johnson & Lynn Holdsworth (Paperback)

Organisational Behaviour for Dummies - (For Dummies) by  Cary Cooper & Sheena Johnson & Lynn Holdsworth (Paperback)
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<p/><br></br><p><b> Book Synopsis </b></p></br></br><b>Your plain-English introduction to organisational behaviour</b> <p> Organisational Behaviour (OB) is the study of how people, individuals, and groups act in organisations. Whether you're studying OB, or you just want a better understanding of people at work, <i>Organisational Behaviour For Dummies</i> gives you all the essentials for understanding this fascinating subject.</p> <p> Inside you'll find out about personality and individual differences, teams and groups, personnel selection and assessment, and health and well-being at work. You'll also find out how leaders lead, how motivators motivate, and how the modern workplace is changing and evolving.</p> <ul> <li>An easy-to-read introduction to organisational behaviour for business, management, and organisational psychology students</li> <li>A useful reference for managers</li> <li>A fascinating look at behaviour in the modern workplace</li> </ul> <p> Whether you're a student of organisational behaviour, a manager, or a lifelong learner with an interest in human behaviour and psychology in the workplace, <i>Organisational Behaviour For Dummies</i> has you covered.</p><p/><br></br><p><b> From the Back Cover </b></p></br></br><p><b>Get up to speed on the science of human behaviour in the workplace </b></p> <p>Organisational behaviour is all about how people behave at work. It encompasses a wide range of topics that are crucial to business success. This fun-to-read primer quickly gets you up to speed on all the essentials of this fascinating subject. From personality differences and teams to personnel selection and motivation, the authors - all distinguished experts in the field - cover all the core OB concepts, making this the perfect introduction for students and a useful guide for managers looking to apply these concepts in practice. <ul><li><i><b>Get the lowdown on OB - find out why understanding psychological and behavioural principles can be so important to success</li> <li>Find out what makes people tick - gain powerful insights into why individuals behave the way they do in the workplace and the roles of intellectual, personality, and cultural differences</li> <li>Discover why people act the way they do in groups - benefit from the latest OB thinking on group and team dynamics</li> <li> Make sense of leadership - explore various leadership styles and their effects on groups, as well as how great leaders consistently motivate employees to exceed their limits</li> <li>Take a bird's-eye view - get a clearer picture of the workplace at the organisational level and a deeper understanding of company culture and climate, organisational change, and more</li> <li>Hire for excellence - get the latest on employee recruitment, development, and performance appraisals</i></b></li></ul> <p><b>Open the book and find: </b> <ul><li><b>A look at the nature of the individual in the workplace</li> <li>Advice on group and team dynamics and why they can break down</li> <li>Guidance on the employer/ employee psychological contract</li> <li>Effective leadership and motivation methods</li> <li>Job design and performance appraisal techniques</li> <li>Advice on hiring and developing employees</li> <li>How to minimise the cost of stress in organisations</li> <li>How the modern workplace is changing</b></li></ul><p/><br></br><p><b> About the Author </b></p></br></br><p><b>Cary L. Cooper, PhD, </b> is Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health and Pro Vice Chancellor at Lancaster University.</p> <p><b>Lynn Holdsworth, PhD, </b> is a research fellow at Manchester Business School. <p><b>Sheena Johnson, PhD, </b> is an occupational psychologist and a lecturer in organisational psychology at Manchester Business School.

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