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Magic Words - by Tim David (Hardcover)

Magic Words - by  Tim David (Hardcover)
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<p/><br></br><p><b> Book Synopsis </b></p></br></br><b>Years of experience as a magician taught Tim David that real magic is all about words, and the way they influence the minds of the audience. What sets a professional magician apart from an amateur are people skills like communication, influence, and engagement--skills that are also effective in the workplace. By applying seven "magic" words in a business setting, David offers tools for effective and persuasive communication.</b> <p/>You will learn: <ul><li> The secret word that Harvard psychologists discovered is the key to unlocking human motivation</li><li> How one very special word (spoken only inside your mind) mysteriously has a profound positive impact on those around you</li><li> The number one mistake that managers make during 1-on-1's, and the one simple word that can fix it all</li><li> What <b>Dale Carnegie</b> dubs "the sweetest sound in any language"</li><li> How one tiny word can instantly change someone's mind for the better</li><li> The single word that an in-depth study of thousands of hours of call center recordings revealed as the quickest way to reduce differences and calm people down</li><li> How the infamous "But Eraser" works and why so many people mess it up</li><li> The REAL magic behind the word "thanks"</li></ul><p><br>The seven words: <br> Magic Word #1 - Because<br> Magic Word #2 - Name<br> Magic Word #3 - If<br> Magic Word #4 - But<br> Magic Word #5 - Absolutely<br> Magic Word #6 - Thanks<br> Magic Word #7 - Help</p><p/><br></br><p><b> Review Quotes </b></p></br></br><br>"Whereas most communication advice is concerned with what to say or even how to say it, <b>MAGIC WORDS</b> places the focus where it belongs: on the other person. Tim David offers keen insight into how to better connect with others in business and in life."<br><b>--Adam Grant, <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author of <i>Give and Take</i></b><br><p/><br></br><p><b> About the Author </b></p></br></br><b>Tim David</b> was a professional magician for eight years, giving more than 300 live performances per year. He continues to practice and teach magic and in 2010 he was named the "Top Mentalist in North America". His popular YouTube channel has received over 4 million views and his students hail from more than 70 countries around the world. <p/>Now Tim is focused on helping sales professionals, managers and leaders, negotiators, and law enforcement become more effective and persuasive communicators. He presents more than 100 keynotes and trainings each year in addition to his audio programs, ebooks, and online training programs. His clients include 3M, Bayer, Verizon, Citizen's Bank, Travelers, Burger King, and many others. Visit him at TimDavidSpeaks.com and on Twitter @timdavidmagic.

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