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Adidas STRK For Him Spray

Adidas STRK For Him Spray
Store: Walgreens
Last Price: 19.99 USD

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Product info

STRK is a dynamic scent that opens with TOP NOTES: green, citrusy notes of apple and bergamot. Middle Notes: A clean, aromatic heart of lavender oil and birch leaf scent. Bottom Notes: evolves into a strong, masculine base with earthy hints of moss notes and patchouli. Strike with the power of sport in your life. FEEL STRONG AND FEARLESS WHEN THE MOMENT TO STRIKE ARISES OWN YOUR ZONE. The zone is that moment of focus that every athlete craves. OWN YOUR ZONE are the first fragrances specially created to connect your sport mind state to your daily life. Made in Spain Maintain the freshness of adidas Culture of Sport Strk by applying the cologne on your neck and wrists. The fragrance lasts longer when applied right after the shower, while skin is clean and warm. ©2019 Coty Inc.

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Cheapest price in the interval: 15.19 on May 27, 2022

Most expensive price in the interval: 24.99 on April 29, 2022