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The Strangeness (Blu-ray)(2021)

The Strangeness (Blu-ray)(2021)
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Bite into this rare 1980s horror film about a big and very ‘strange’ stop-motion monster in a cave terrorizing and eating innocent miners! A group of young miners venture into the Gold Spike Mine in search of gold, even after being warned by old-time prospectors to stay away. The miners proceed into the caverns anyway and soon realize that there’s no gold in these mines, but also that they’re not alone. What they find is a horrific man-eating monster sliding through the caverns looking to fill its carnivorous appetite… it’s feeding time and the miners are on the menu. THE STRANGENESS is a fun, cool independent horror feature film made years before digital video. THE STRANGENESS is also one of the last feature films to use stop-motion animation special effects! This special edition was remastered from the original 16mm vault elements.

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