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Petshoppe Training Pads for Dogs and Puppies

PetShoppe Training Pads for Dogs and Puppies
Store: Walgreens
Last Price: 19.99 USD

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Product info

Absorbent gel locks in wetness Drip guard locks in wetness 3.36 sq ft. (22 in x 22 in)/0.31 sq m (56 cm x 56 cm) **Satisfaction Guarantee valid on Walgreens owned brand products only. Made in China 100% satisfaction guaranteed Unfold and place PetShoppe training pad, blue plastic side down, in a confined area, allowing plenty of space. Keep the pad in an area where your puppy stays, but away from their bed and food Place your dog on the pad so they can smell and become familiar with it. You should do this several times. If your dog relieves themselves elsewhere, bring them back to the pad immediately. This will reinforce the pad is the place to soil. When your dog relieves themselves on the pad, give praise and reward them with a treat. Rewarding your dog will let them know they are doing what you want them to do. Dispose of soiled pad and replace when needed. Once your dog is relieving themselves on a regular basis on the pad, begin moving the pad closer to the door and eventually outdoors. This will complete the training process. Consistency, praise, and patience will help you and your puppy! 8 quick tips for housebreaking your puppy Cover the area where you want your dog to eliminate with PetShoppe training pads for dogs and puppies. Plan "potty" times with your puppy. Pay attention to the signs your puppy makes when they are ready to go outside. Signs include sniffing the floor, circling, and starting to squat. Control your pet's water and food intake. Remove all traces of odors after an accident. Reward your puppy's success! Be patient ...the process will take several weeks. Consistency, praise, and patience will help you and your puppy. ©2019 Walgreen Co.

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Cheapest price in the interval: 19.99 on July 26, 2023

Most expensive price in the interval: 20.99 on August 9, 2022